MPower Team

Meet the Team

Our team of instructors is the greatest mini family in town! Somehow, a bunch of crazy, fun loving, Pilates obsessed and experienced professionals have found each other. Whilst we all are truly connected as a tribe, we each have our particular passion and energy. We encourage you to get to experience each of our classes and build a week full of variety. No matter whether you like a chilled fluid flow or an energetic and challenging session, be sure that you will always get the best knowledge and technique cues in town.

Michelle Koton

Michelle has always loved moving! Even though her career in Marketing was always stimulating and interesting, it was when she discovered Pilates in 1997, that all her passions came together. In 2000, Michelle completed her Classical Pilates Training under the banner of Romanas Pilates and, since then, has travelled the world completing many workshops, seminars and conferences, never ceasing to learn more and more about the magical world of the body and movement. Michelle has founded and developed her own studios in Sydney for the past 19 years and, at the age of 56, feels more empowered and stronger than ever! “I am so grateful to be passionate about what I do, and even more grateful for the loyal and committed clients I have worked with over the past 18 years. It is their health, progress and change that reinforces the brilliance of the work”.

Peta Green

Peta trained as a ballet dancer at the National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne. She joined the Sydney Dance Company after falling in love with contemporary dance and worked as a dancer with the Australian Opera Company for many years. After embarking on intensive training in the Pilates method in Sydney with Cynthia Lochard, she was inspired to go to New York to study at the original studio where Joseph Pilates taught. After finishing the course, she continued her Pilates journey in NYC and taught at the famous re:AB studio with Brooke Siler, teaching people of the likes of models Stella Tenant, Katie Ford and ballerina, Suzanne Farrell. When Peta is not teaching she is usually running, skiing, paddling, cross training or doing different forms of the Yoga practice. With life being so busy and stressful these days Peta likes to mix her sessions with Yoga, Pilates and functional exercises so my clients are getting a total body workouts

Amiee Hershan

Originally from London, Amiee’s Love of dance started at the age of two. Growing up she attended classes with some of the country’s leading teachers. After graduating from the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, Amiee somehow fell into a job working in the fashion industry where she worked with the likes of Chanel, Fendi and Moschino. A sudden move down-under, Amiee found Barre Body…. and the rest is history, giving up her career in fashion to focus on  her love of movement. Amiee has completed her teaching diploma with Pilates International and has gained a qualification in teaching Progressive Ballet Technique. She loves to teach a technical class with lots of added fun and terrible jokes. 

Amy Hotz

Amy is a warm, energetic and compassionate Pilates teacher. With an intuitive teaching style, Amy tailors her Pilates classes according to the needs of each and every client. Whether your goal is to move for better general health, move well and be pain-free, build strength, or improve your balance and posture, Amy can get you there! Because behind the ‘I can’t’ there is so much potential waiting to be explored! Amy is a qualified naturopath, certified yoga teacher and Pilates teacher. She completed her comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training with Michelle at MPower Pilates. “With our modern-day high stress and desk bound lifestyles, it’s never been more important to prioritise our health and wellbeing”, Amy says. Her mission is to teach her students to move well and live a vibrant and pain-free life!

Gabrielle Habib

I have always had a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Working as a long haul flight attendant for nearly ten years put repetitive strain on my body and so I found Pilates as a way to help 
me with strengthening my back. Having a love for the Pilates Matwork, I then discovered reformer which led  to studio equipment. 2017 mat certification through Pilates Chicago, small props course through MPower Pilates and full studio certification through Pilates Chicago 2018. I believe Pilates creates a mind/body connection whilst strengthening and reforming our bodies to their full potential.

Delene Jenkins

Delene started dance at the young age of 3 in her home town,Sydney.
She received her dance teaching diplomas through B.A.L at 16 and started teaching classical dance, jazz and tap to children of all ages. She travelled around the world dancing & performing all of her life.
She settled down in Paris to perform at the Moulin Rouge, where she spent 18 years of her career high kicking and step touching until last year when she decided to hang
up the glamorous feathers & sequins. After almost 20 years of living the Parisian lifestyle, she has come home with her little French family to embark on new and exciting adventures. Delene’s passion for dance and exercise led her to pursue a career in Pilates.
 Delene is a fully certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor in Mat and all machines, she studied and trained at A-Lyne Studio Paris. She continued on with her instructor qualifications and is also a certified Gyrotonic instructor. She’s constantly inspired by her clients strength, confidence and the happiness that they bring to every class.
 Delene looks forward to seeing you in the studio and promises to help you achieve your ideal health and fitness goals!

Joyce Siu

Having spent the early part of her career as a finance professional, Joyce began her Pilates journey after suffering from a rotator cuff injury several years ago. 

After experiencing the enormous rehabilitative benefits of Pilates’ whole body health philosophy, it lead her to attaining her instructor certifications with Polestar Pilates.
Joyce is passionate about using Pilates to improve her clients’ quality of life and achieving their fitness goals. 

Luca de Franceschi

Second generation Pilates instructor Initially trained in London under James D’Silva in Garuda Movement and Pilates. He would later go on to complete his diploma of Pilates under Carla Mullins at Body Organics in Brisbane, in 2016.With an extensive background in the fitness industry, having taught and being involved in high end athletics for over 10 years. With a primary focus on Strength and Conditioning, Calisthenics and Plyometric training. He has spent the last several years focusing on hand balance, posing and mobility training. Having worked with and being trained by the Ido Portal Movement team. He is a former National Taekwondo and Combat Sambo champion. And has over 20 years experience in competitive martial arts, still practicing and teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing today. He brings a multitude of techniques to his classes and combines high intensity, strength and mobility training, along with and upbeat, friendly and welcoming attitude.

Alex Cornish

Alex is a professional actress, singer and dancer and is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).
Pilates has always been a part of her life – she grew up doing mat Pilates alongside her ballet training, and later discovered reformer whilst she was at WAAPA. Alex’s love for Pilates only continued to grow during that time, and in her final year at uni she decided to become an instructor.
Alex’s Pilates style is quite dynamic, she loves to create heat in the muscles and have you really feeling that Pilates burn, but she also places importance on mindfulness and the use of breath.
She is thrilled to be joining the MPower team, and can’t wait to see you all in the studio

Elise Piellard

Elise began dancing at the age of 3. Her passion for dancing led her to Paris where she studied Jazz,Modern and Ballet in Rick Odums’s school, later joining his company after completing a french national degree of dance teaching. In France,she worked for many years as a professional dancer for the cabaret “Le Paradis Latin” , “Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione”, “DISNEYLAND Paris”, “L’Oreal” , performed in many TV shows and explored Europe with various companies… When she moved to Australia in 2009, Elise discovered Pilates as a student and was immediately thrilled by this workout . After completing a certificate III in fitness, the strength and flexibility Pilates offered her as a dancer ultimately led her to train as an instructor, and lately completed her training with the STOTT method. She believes in always deepening her knowledge , and always learning about what you are passionate. As a Pilates teacher she gives safe, fun and challenging workouts and loves the fact that Pilates is for “Every Body” for every age group.

Grace Gowdie

Grace has practiced Pilates for over 8 years and fell in love with the way it made her look and feel.
She is on a mission to help other people feel amazing in their body by improving their strength, flexibility and toning their muscles. Pilates is a way of life for Grace and she studied Studio and Rehab training through Polestar Pilates giving her the knowledge she needs to help others. Grace is an energetic, vibrant and a thoughtful teacher. In Grace’s spare time, you can find her working on her natural skincare business, Dermatec Skincare, or working as a commercial model.