Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates Sessions

Private Duo Trio
Senior instructor
(10+ yrs exp)
Intermediate instructor
(4+ yrs exp)
Graduate instructor
(2+ yrs exp)

Private Sessions

MPower Pilates Bespoke studio offers clients the opportunity to book a private, duo or trio appointment with any one of our trained and experienced team.

A booked appointment, gives a client an opportunity to experience the TRUE ESSENCE of a Pilates session, tailored specifically to the needs of an individual.

Pilates and the correct instruction thereof, is taken extremely seriously at MPower Pilates, whether at our Group Studio or at the Bespoke Studio.

Each session is taken as a chance to learn… not only the precise technique for the execution of an exercise, but the movement patterns and cues that once learnt, can be taken from the studio to REAL LIFE!

Duo Sessions

Working with a friend, a partner or even a son or daughter is a fun way to journey through the Pilates adventure.

Because MPower Pilates sessions are completely controlled and coordinated by the instructor, it is important that couples are well matched.

This does not mean you have to be the same age, or the same sex… or even look like you have the same body type….

Compatibility in a duo relies on the fact that your needs be of a similar nature… that your strengths and weaknesses are pretty balanced.

Before a duo session is scheduled, you will be required to each attend at least one private session.

Duo sessions are arranged with the client and the instructor at an agreed committed time on a regular weekly basis.

Trio Sessions

A trio pilates session is a great way to work with the supervision and constant “eyes” of an instructor, but without the intensity of a private or duo session.

The trio session makes use of Pilates Mat work, Pilates Wunda Chair Work, Pilates Springboard Work as well as the inclusion of many Pilates and functional movement based accessories.

Trio sessions are booked at a regular time slot each week and are committed sessions for both the clients and the instructor.

Trios can either be created from a clients side (so fun to have a family group or a friends group), or from the studio side.