About MPower Pilates

We have been dreaming and talking and planning for years about creating a Pilates space where like minded people of ALL ages and stages can feel comfortable, welcome, stimulated, motivated, empowered and BETTER! A place where we could gather teachers and students for all walks of life to share our passion for efficient and effortless movement through the correct and authentic teaching of the work originally created by Joseph Pilates.

MPower Pilates Group Studios and MPower Pilates Appointment studio offers something for EVERYONE!

Each group class in our studio has a maximum of 6 students to one Instructor.

Each Group Class is described and defined for you, so that you are sure to attend a class perfect for your current level of strength.

Each Class is taught by an instructor who has been working and studying together with us for anything from 2 years to 15 years… and we are ALL ALWAYS learning!

Our studio is a place for our community to grow, where we will always be learning and laughing and above all…. MOVING!