At MPower Pilates we know that to get the complete Pilates experience, it is critical to use the WHOLE system. This is why we make sure that our timetable has a variety of class types on offer. Limited classes (maximum of 8 in Equipment classes and 10 in Mat classes), means that we can always see what you are doing and you WILL get personal attention.

STUDIO Classes

In our studio, we have Reformers, Pilates Chairs and Springboards, and we know how to use them all! Our class descriptions will guide you to the appropriate class for your level of strength, but our instructors will always modify for you and will guide you going forward in your journey.



Delve deeper into the Pilates method and find your REAL strength! This is where the Pilates MAGIC really starts to happen - watch the changes happen!



Get ready to get the sweat on in this class. This session will make use of the Pilates equipment. You might find yourself jumping on the reformer or working with balance on the chair or springboard.



It's time to get a feel for how you can progress on the Springboard & Wunderchair, work your full body and build more inner strength.



Mat Pilates using different props from the roller to the magic circle. A flowing workout, which will engage every part of the body. Suitable for all levels.


MPower @ Home Classes

Virtual classes are streamed daily through our MPower @ Home platform and will be available for up to 24 hours after the class finishes – registration closes 5 mins before the class.



Get ready for a full body-workout with variations, and make sure you have some props handy just in.



Lower impact, more gentle flow and restorative workout. This class can include breath-work, meditation and stretching.



Your favourite Barre workouts at home with an MPower cardio twist. All you need is a chair, table or counter to use as a Barre, and any props you have at home.



Get ready for a full body-workout with variations, and make sure you have some props handy just in.