This is a 10-hour intensive course that is best described as “Experiential Anatomy for Movement Professionals”

The course is a pre requisite for any student wishing to proceed to the Pilates Mat course or to continue on to complete the full Pilates Teacher Training program, but this course is also available as a stand alone product.

The intensive weekend presents a thorough overview of the anatomy and biomechanics as it relates to Pilates Exercises. Students will receive movement repertoire both for personal development and as a tool to identify disharmonious movement. On completion, students gain an understanding of how the structures of the body work as a system to create integrated movement.

The course is ideal for qualified Pilates Instructors and movement professionals who feel that their anatomical knowledge is neither detailed enough nor relevant enough with contemporary biomechanics and the movement systems of the body, to really benefit their teaching or their clients.

The Movement and Mechanics course has been incorporated into the 2018 mentorship program. For more information email Michelle at

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"I’m a STOTT method trained Pilates Instructor and have a passion for body movement and the benefits.  When Michelle contacted me to let me know about the course I just knew I had to fly interstate to be part of this.   

I’ve always believed that if you do any course,  it can never be a bad course if you come away with at least one learning.  On this course I can away with multiple.  It was fantastic.  The way Jennifer and Michelle interacted and explained everything was done in a way where you “just got it”.  They took their time to really engrain the information into our minds. It was hands on, informative, professional yet so welcoming and approachable.  An absolute MUST to attend if you are a passionate instructor hungry to keep learning.  My own teaching practice has gained from this and my clients have also commented, and on a regular basis.  They are keen for me to attend more!"

Emma Willox (Pilates Instructor)