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The PC Pilates Teacher Training course has been developed over many years as a project of passion and dedication. In a world where it is possible to gain certification for virtually any skill, sometimes available from your computer over a few hours (!), it is critical that you are sure your chosen direction is authentic, thorough and constantly up to date with the latest research and concepts available. The MPPC course finds its base in the actual document written by Joseph Pilates: “Return to Life”, is completely respectful of the Classical lineage he passed to the likes of Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Mary Bowen, Eve Gentry and Ron Fletcher and is also completely cognisant of the fact that anatomical and biomechanical research continues to impact on the understanding of the human body and movement.
The PC course will take place once a year at MPower Pilates to begin with. Because the course is in Modules, it is possible to “break” the course up according to time, budget and requirements of the student. Option 1: Just do Module 1 Option 2: Pilates Matwork Certificate of Completion Option 3: Complete Comprehensive (all Modules)
This course is suitable for students who want to enter the Pilates Profession as a first career. It is also perfect for those who are looking to Pilates as a second or new career path, or even for those who already have a Pilates Certification but feel an additional layer of learning is what thy really need to “get going”! The course is also often attractive to allied career students who wish to add to their expertise (e.g.: Nutritionists/ Personal Trainers etc.) The first Module of the course (MOVEMENT AND MECHANICS) is a complete workshop in itself and is enormously valuable for ALL professionals involved in working with aiding clients to move better.
Every student who graduates with a PC Certification must feel completely confident to enter the Pilates Industry as both a practitioner and an instructor. The MPower Pilates studio is small and private. At any one time between modules, a maximum of two students at a time, will be in the studio. This means that a “buddy’ system can take place for the practice hours and that the students are intimately involved with the studio director and clients. With a small student group questions are immediately dealt with and there is no feeling of being “lost” or “just a number in a large group”.
The Mat Certification (Module 1 and 2) will require (included homework) approximately 100 hours. Module 3 to 6 is an additional 450 hours. The complete Comprehensive Teacher Training course comprises 550 logged hours (observation, self practise, practise teaching). The entire process would take a student approximately 8 or 9 months to complete.
Should a graduate desire to proceed to full government accreditation, this is possible via an alignment of the PC course to the ITC Course. Graduates will be required to apply for the bridging course offered by Pilates ITC (a registered RTO).
Module 1 of the PC course is called MOVEMENT AND MECHANICS. This is a prerequisite for anyone continuing on with the MATWORK module or for those doing the whole program. The MOVEMENT AND MECHANICS module, however can stand on its own and is the perfect experiential course for current Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals or anyone who works with movement of the Human Body.
The PC Pilates Teacher Training Course is internationally recognised in the Pilates Method Alliance registry of schools and The American Council of Exercise. Membership to the local PAA (Pilates Alliance Australasia) is available as a student and then an instructor by application. Application for CEC Credits from Fitness Australia is currently being assessed for approval for the Pilates Matwork Course and the Movement and Mechanics short course .
Applying students will be required to have completed at least 20 hours of Pilates mat sessions and 20 hours of Pilates Equipment sessions at an approved studio. Application is to be accompanied with a photograph and a short resume of student’s education/professional background. Each application is to be accompanied with a letter from a Doctor stating the individual’s physical capability of participation. A deposit of $1000.00 is to accompany each application. People that are initially committing only to Module 1 are required to pay the full course tuition cost ($450) on enrollment to secure their spot.
See our Course Prices page for all price options.
You can enrol for one of the Pilates Training Courses using the Enrol link on the course description page or by visiting our Course Enrolment page.
Yes. Payment plans for student’s option of course will be discussed case by case to arrange for the best plan to suit.
Course fees include: All Course module seminars and integration days. All program modules and Lecture Notes on Specific subjects dealt with during course. Studio Access (scheduled in the week/ free throughout weekend). 3 Private sessions per module (private sessions applicable only for those committed and registered for the full Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program: Modules 3 to 6). All Examinations.
Required Book List Senior First Aid Course (Only necessary once graduated)
Once a student has completed the Mat Course and successfully passed the test, he/she will be more than prepared to present as a Pilates Mat Instructor. By the time a student begins the Equipment Module 4, he/she is working on a deeper level on the transition from “being a student” to “becoming a teacher”. At this stage, based on the program director’s discretion, students may start teaching clients. MPower Pilates will offer sessions to “real” clients at a discounted rate. Students will be encouraged from early on, to find ‘practice clients to teach.
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