Pilates Teacher Training Courses

At MPower Pilates, we offer three ways you can study.

1) Comprehensive Course (all 6 modules)
If you choose to do the Comprehensive Course, you will begin with the experiential anatomy/biomechanics course, continue on to the study of the complete Pilates Mat system as developed by Joseph Pilates himself and will complete the entire program by studying the different pieces of equipment in the Pilates stable. In this full program, you will also receive important knowledge on many of the different client needs you will encounter (e.g : pregnancy, disc pathologies etc).


2) Pilates Mat Course (Modules 1 & 2)
It is possible to choose to register for the Pilates Mat course only.

In this instance, you would complete Modules 1 and 2 (and can always add the rest of the course when you are ready at a later stage).

The Mat Course is perfect for those students who wish to get out and teach as soon as possible, or who would like to eventually do the full training, but need time to get to that stage.

The Mat course is also IDEAL for those already working in the Allied Health Industry who feel that this knowledge would add to their skill set and help to offer so much more to their existing clients or business. (e.g: Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Health Coaches).


3) Movement & Mechanics Short Course (Module 1)
Module 1 is a stand alone weekend course (as well as a prerequisite for the other two courses). This is an invaluable experiential anatomy course. You will receive a manual complete with information on the essential biomechanical patterns we need for healthy movement.

The 10 hour course is both informative and practical and is perfect for anyone involved in the movement industry.

Pilates Training Courses

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