About the Studio (and me)


“MPower Pilates is my life practice. It is how I learn, how I teach, how I live … and it is here that I have found my strength.” Michelle Koton

MPower Pilates is the culmination of 16 years of lessons and learning...about Pilates and Life.

The question begs… Has Pilates taught life lessons or is it the other way round?

Without a doubt, the two are inextricably linked and together, they have woven themselves into the intrinsic fabric of what MPower Pilates is all about.

MPower Pilates is based on the precise techniques and skills of my Classical Pilates Certification awarded in 2000 (Master Trainer Cynthia Lochard/ Romana Krwyzanowska Advanced Seminar/Sari Pace Final Examiner).

My certification has been a springboard for learning … how the body works, how each individual differs and how each of us has the power to reach our own potential.

Travelling internationally, I have been exposed to the teaching methods and beliefs of so many well-known Pilates practitioners and it is their generosity of knowledge- sharing and open-minded natures that spur on my undying enthusiasm for this practice!

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“At MPower Pilates, we believe in movement … movement that facilitates better health.” Michelle Koton

To me, the sheer brilliance of the work developed by Joseph Pilates in his lifetime lies in its simplicity … and its ability to house within that simplicity the most modern and sophisticated biomechanics.

The more I learn and understand about how the human body works, the more I find can be applied to my craft.

The most exciting discussions today around biotensegrity, about pain, about brain plasticity … can be applied directly to a system developed 100 years ago… and so, although Joseph Pilates passed away in 1967, his system continues to gain layers and layers of knowledge and practical application of that learning. “

At MPower Pilates, we believe in movement… movement that facilitates better health.

Movement that helps to prevent pain, build strength, assist balance, increase vitality, improve confidence, initiate weight loss, decelerate bone loss, aid better posture.

MPower Pilates is a space created specially for people who like to work, learn, laugh and share.


mpowerpilates private classes