MPower Pilates has established an exciting partnership with one of the most respected and forward thinking Pilates Studios in the USA : Pilates Chicago.

Jennifer Golden Zumann and her husband Mathew have been involved in Pilates since 1997. Their style, strongly based in the method originally developed by Joseph Pilates has evolved with their deep anatomical background and appreciation of the rhythm of natural and instinctive movement patterns. Both Jennifer and Matthew are frequent presenters on Pilates Anytime and have featured in the well-known Pilates magazine; Pilates Style.

Like Pilates Chicago, MPower Pilates believes that Pilates education should be designed to be an individualized apprenticeship, rather than a “cookie-cutter” educational process. The education program thus, is offered to a small amount of students at a time ensuring a student to instructor ratio no greater than 6:1.The primary goal of this education program is to offer strong levels of mentorship, so that each attendee come out with a deep understanding of the body and considers the Pilates repertoire to be the tool to assist in the development of optimal movement and functioning.

Pilates Chicago Instructor Training is internationally recognized in the Pilates Method Alliance Registry of Schools and The American Council on Exercise.

In Australia, graduates of the teacher training program will receive a Pilates Chicago Instructor Training Program Certificate of Completion. The option to embark on the ITC Bridging program is available should graduates wish to achieve government accreditation.

The 6 Module Program is broken down into 2 main components the

  • Mat Instructor Training and the
  • Studio Equipment Instructor Training

The prerequisite for entering the program is the Experiential Anatomy Course: MOVEMENT AND MECHANICS. In addition, a minimum of 20 hours Pilates Matwork experience and 20 hours Pilates Equipment experience is required before commencing the program . Each applicant is required to complete a registration form and to meet personally with the program Director.


  • Course Training Manuals
  • Studio access for Practicing, Observation, and Personal Practice hours
  • Final Course Examination for Certificate of Completion
  • 3 Private Sessions Per Module
  • Admission to Studio Open Gym hours

The Training Program includes

  • Repertoire-based classes
  • Lecture-based class
  • Mind/ Body development class
  • Class for Special Populations
  • Intentions and qualities of the Pilates Method
  • Classical Pilates repertoire
~ Reformer
~ Cadillac
~ Wunda chair
~ Small Apparatus (magic circle, high/low barrels, Spine corrector)
  • Equipment Safety
  • Anatomy
  • Modifications and Contraindications

In addition to in-class time, training includes:

  • Reading Assignments and other homework
  • Personal Practice
  • Observation hours
  • Practice Teaching

Students must pass written and practical exam, complete all homework and personal hours, and compete adequate attendance to earn ‘Assessment-Based Certificate of Completion’.
*This course is scheduled to run once each year.