Unlimited classes for 10 days!

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Reformer Studio Classes


Fundamental Reformer

The Fundamental Reformer will take you through the nuts and bolts of the Pilates technique on the reformer.

You will learn to connect (and understand) your core and how, if you organise movement from the deep centre of your strength, you are able to support efficient and safe movement.

If you have not done Pilates before, if you are returning to exercise from an injury, if you have recently had a baby or if you are simply wanting to reconnect to breath and stabilising exercises, the FUNDAMENTAL reformer is for you!


Align, Tone Class

Sculpt Reformer (Lvl 1)

This is a beginner-intermediate class.

You've learnt about the Fundamentals of Pilates and found those infamous core muscles. Now it's time to increase the challenge and pace in the Reformer Sculpt class. Delve deeper into the Pilates method and find your REAL strength!

The Reformer Sculpt class will work your entire body. Watch the changes happen! (Suitable for people who suffer with any bone density issues)


Mpower Signtaure Class

Elevate Reformer (Lvl 2)

This is an intermediate class. (Not for beginners or students with injuries!)

The Elevate level is where the Pilates MAGIC really starts to happen!Meet the new challenges and increased pace and start working towards the Athletic (Lvl 3) classes. 

Elevate classes WILL include loaded flexion of the spine.



Dynamic Reformer (Lvl 2)

This is an intermediate class.
Be prepared to sweat!! This is a cardio based reformer class using the jump board.The Jump sequences are integrated together with reformer flows to challenge and work your whole body, leaving you energised and invigorated at the end.  

The Dynamic Reformer class is suitable for anyone who can jump, and is ready to have fun!



Athletic Reformer (Lvl 3)

This is an advanced class.

If you are an experienced Pilates student looking to challenge your strength even further with the Advanced repertoire, then this class is for you! Be prepared to push yourself to your limit!

This class is worth adding into your week if you have been working for a while at the ELEVATE (Lvl 2) Classes.


Spring Studio Classes


Fundamental Spring

This is a fundamentals class.

Never seen these crazy pieces of equipment before? Introducing the Chair and Springboard!

This class will show you the ropes or should we say springs. Adding the challenge of spring resistance to the fundamental principle of CORE, is inherent to these amazing pieces of equipment.


Spring Sculpt Class

Sculpt Spring (Lvl 1)

This is a beginner-intermediate class.

Feel like you've got a grasp of what the Chair and Springboard are all about... It's time to get a bit more of a feel of how you can progress on these pieces of equipment and where you can build more inner strength.

The Spring Sculpt class partners perfectly with the Reformer Sculpt class to keep your body and brain constantly stimulated and improving.


Mens Pilates

Elevate Spring (Lvl 2)

This is an intermediate class. (Not for beginners or students with injuries!)

Feeling confident on the Chair and the Springboard?

Ready to enter the next stage of what can be achieved on these amazing pieces of equipment?  Elevate yourself with more balance focused exercises where you will find your deep inner strength.



Athletic Spring (Lvl 3)

This is an advanced class.

So you have done some of the Athletic Reformer classes? Then you are definitely ready for this one!

Test your Core, Balance, Strength and Agility in Athletic Spring class on the Chair and the Spring Board. Be prepared for challenge and pumping endorphins!



Express Equipment

This is an open class.

Its a Mystery Box Class!

You never know what the instructor has in store for you... until you get there!

Could be a combo of all the equipment... or maybe focused on one piece of equipment. What you DO know, is that it will be Early and it will be Express!


Mats with Bits and bobs class

Mat with Bits & Bobs

Mat Pilates using different props from the roller to the magic circle.  

A flowing workout which will engage every part of the body.


Unlimited classes for 10 days!

Take advantage of our Starter pack for just $100 and join as many classes as you like in 10 days.