Each one of our classes (except the mat class) makes use of one or more pieces of equipment.

Learn more about this here or quiz any of our instructors. We LOVE talking “Pilates”!


The Reformer

We love the fact that some of our clients have renamed this most fundamental and brilliant piece of equipment, as the TRANSFORMER!

It is our absolute mission at the studio to get ALL our clients to understand the power of the reformer to help reorganise the body to achieve complete efficiency.

When used correctly, the Reformer is your partner in this dance of full body movement.

When exercises are correctly and safely taught, this machine certainly has the power to transform.

At MPower Pilates, we teach you how to work WITH the Reformer, not ON it or AGAINGST it!

The Wunda Chair

This piece of unassuming equipment might look like something you can dump your bag on. However, in the Pilates world the chair is considered to be one of the most challenging pieces of Pilates equipment.

It builds strength in the legs and shoulders and encourages increased levels of balance and proprioception.

Exercises on the chair are great for everyone… but also specifically helps skiers, runners, tennis players, golfers and clients looking to increase power in the upper body for throwing, lifting and racquet sports.


The Springboard

The springboard is a wall-mounted apparatus that emulates many of the functions we practise on the Studio equipment known as the Cadillac or Trap Table.  The Springboard enables a free range of motion and therefore challenges core stability resulting in an invigorating total body workout. 

The Springboard can work each limb unilaterally with its own spring, demanding increased levels of challenge to stability and balance.  

This adds a significant coordination challenge—for the brain and for the body! It also makes the Springboard a great tool for working on imbalances.