Our Team

Michelle Koton

Michelle has always loved moving! Even though her career in Marketing was always stimulating and interesting, it was when she discovered Pilates in 1997, that all her passions came together.

In 2000, Michelle completed her Classical Pilates Training under the banner of Romanas Pilates and, since then, has travelled the world completing many workshops, seminars and conferences, never ceasing to learn more and more about the magical world of the body and movement.

Michelle has founded and developed her own studios in Sydney for the past 19 years and, at the age of 56, feels more empowered and stronger than ever!

“I am so grateful to be passionate about what I do, and even more grateful for the loyal and committed clients I have worked with over the past 18years. It is their health and their progress and change that reinforces the brilliance of the work”.

Peta Green

Peta trained as a ballet dancer at the National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne. She joined the Sydney Dance Company after falling in love with contemporary dance and worked as a dancer with the Australian Opera Company for many years.

After embarking on intensive training in the Pilates method in Sydney with Cynthia Lochard, she was inspired to go to New York to study at the original studio where Jospeh Pilates taught.
After finishing the course, she continued her pilates journey in NYC and taught at the famous re:AB studio with Brooke Siler, teaching people of the likes of models Stella Tenant, Katie Ford and ballerina, Suzanne Farrell.

When Peta is not teaching she is usually running, skiing, paddling, cross training or doing different forms of the Yoga practice.

With life being so busy and stressful these days Peta likes to mix her sessions with yoga, pilates and functional exercises so my clients are getting a total body workout.

Victoria Becka

Victoria’s introduction to Pilates was at the age of 13 through her ballet training. She continued to train with Pilates throughout her years at The Royal Ballet School in London and continuously over the duration of her professional ballet and dance career.

Victoria is highly qualified, experienced, widely travelled and an amazing movement practitioner. She qualified with PilatesITC in the inaugural intake of accredited qualifications in 2004 and has since continued her training all around the world as her travels have taken her to distant countries.

Passionate about Pilates, having witnessed time and time again, the transformation that can take place in a human via the method, not only physically but in that it is a complete Mind, Body and Spirit practice. Through it she believes that the change in people can have a ripple effect into the world, creating healthier and more mindful beings.

Adam Becker

Adam is a forward motion specialist, working with endurance athletes and everyday sportsmen and women to realize and achieve their life’s potential. Being ‘Life fit’ is the key passion to Adam’s style of training, the ability to move and move effortlessly is something everyone should be able to do without question.

Adam breaks down the way you do the simple things and teaches you how to be aware and do them better than ever!

With a background in rowing and endurance racing, Adam’s passion to move has taken him to win local and national medals in rowing and triathlon and compete at international and world championship races around the globe.

Adam has been Personal trainer for the past 7 years. Teaching his clients of all ages functional movements to improve their life, but this has left him wanting to learn more about the foundations of movement. This is where Adam discovered the world of Pilates. He completed his accreditation with Michelle Koton of MpowerPilates and the Pilates Chicago School.

‘Moving is an expression of your life, and if moving is hard, your doing it wrong.’ There are no movements that can’t be done effortlessly.

Amy Hotz

Amy is a warm, energetic and compassionate Pilates teacher. With an intuitive teaching style, Amy tailors her Pilates classes according to the needs of each and every client. Whether your goal is to move for better general health, move well and be pain-free, build strength, or improve your balance and posture, Amy can get you there! Because behind the ‘I can’t’ there is so much potential waiting to be explored!

Amy is a qualified naturopath, certified yoga teacher and Pilates teacher. She completed her comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training with Michelle at MPower Pilates.

“With our modern-day high stress and desk bound lifestyles, it’s never been more important to prioritise our health and wellbeing”, Amy says. Her mission is to teach her students to move well and live a vibrant and pain-free life!

Karen Van Esveld

Karen grew up in an family of athletes so fitness and competition was always dinner conversation.

Her two passions have always been fitness and design which led her to be a successful Graphic Designer in the top studios in Sydney and Hong Kong for over 20 years. Hours spent over a computer however caused her to fall in love with the movement of Pilates to correct postural issues created from working daily life and to challenge the body intelligently.

Over 10 years ago she fell in love with Pilates Studio equipment. This led her to explore it more intensely
and what started out as a healthy interest led her to become a Certified Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio and Mat teacher in Hong Kong training over 400 hours. She is also a certified Xtend Barre Instructor and taught extensively at Hong Kong’s premier Pilates and Barre Studio.

Karen has attended many Pilates conferences throughout Asia Pacific and continues to evolve her interest in movement and the body by seeking out the world’s leaders in workshops and seminars.

During 2018, Karen has worked under the mentorship of Michelle Koton, building her Pilates knowledge to include the Comprehensive Teacher Training presented at MPower Pilates.
Karen loves to teach her classes with precision, challenging her clients and inspiring them through purposeful movement.

Delene Jenkins

Delene started dance at the young age of 3 in her home town,Sydney.
She received her dance teaching diplomas through B.A.L at 16 and started teaching classical dance, jazz and tap to children of all ages.

She travelled around the world dancing & performing all of her life.
She settled down in Paris to perform at the Moulin Rouge, where she spent 18 years of her career high kicking and step touching until last year when she decided to hang
up the glamorous feathers & sequins.

After almost 20 years of living the Parisian lifestyle, she has come home with her little French family to embark on new and exciting adventures.

Delene’s passion for dance and exercise led her to pursue a career in Pilates.
 Delene is a fully certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor in Mat and all machines, she studied and trained at A-Lyne Studio Paris. She continued on with her instructor qualifications and is also a certified Gyrotonic instructor.

She’s constantly inspired by her clients strength, confidence and the happiness that they bring to every class.
 Delene looks forward to seeing you in the studio and promises to help you achieve your ideal health and fitness goals!

Melissa Golan

I have always loved learning how the body moves and works.  

I became a physiotherapist in America, specialising in treating patients with both orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Having taken some time off to move across the world and raise my children, I realised that I missed helping people.  

Through my training with Pilates Chicago and Michelle, I have rediscovered my passion for movement.  I strive to combine my knowledge of injury rehabilitation and pilates to help people feel better and am able to modify exercises as needed to allow everyone, regardless of age or injury, to benefit from exercise.

Gabrielle Habib

I have always had a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Working as a long haul flight attendant for nearly ten years put repetitive strain on my body and so I found Pilates as a way to help 
me with strengthening my back.

Having a love for the Pilates Matwork, I then discovered reformer which led  to studio equipment.

2017 mat certification through Pilates Chicago, small props course through MPower Pilates and full studio certification through Pilates Chicago 2018. 

I believe Pilates creates a mind/body connection whilst strengthening and reforming our bodies to their full potential. 

Bianca Levy

Bianca came to the world of Pilates as a form of movement meditation and conscious control.

Her love for Pilates was cultivated at an early age where she found the connection of mind + body, energy, strength and power within herself.

“I have seen the benefits in all aspects of my life and it has truly enlightened me to become the best version of myself, in the best body and mind I could have ever imagined.” 

Bianca has completed the comprehensive Teacher Training Course developed by Jen Zumann of Pilates Chicago and offered in Sydney at MPower Pilates.

Agustina Hurtado

Agustina graduated in 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a qualified instructor of both Pilates and Yoga. During the final year of her degree, Agustina chose to focus her study and Pilates practice on Disability and Wellness.

Before moving to Australia, Agustina worked at the largest equestrian centre in Argentina, teaching Pilates to both the riders and the training staff. She has also worked closely with the Argentinian Wheelchair Rugby national team to train for national and international tournaments.

Agustina has been working in private practice for over 5 years helping people across all age groups but has extensive experience with women aged 50-70, helping them reach the quality of movement necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Agustina firmly believes in Pilates to develop core strength, increase flexibility, improve movement awareness (mind-body connection) and improve posture.

Agustina has scoliosis herself and has personally experienced the benefits of Pilates on her own well-being. She is very passionate about teaching and sharing her experience of Pilates to others.